Dos and don’ts of house-hunting

by Iain Mason

Published on 4th December 2017

Looking for a new home – especially if you are a first-time buyer – is an exciting process. You’ve got your deposit ready, you’ve applied for a mortgage and you’re ready to get searching.

You may fall in love with the first property you see, or you may view lots of homes before you get the right one, but during the house-hunting process here are a few things to consider.


House-hunting checklist

  1. Do try to take an objective view during a viewing. By all means, picture yourself living there and listen to gut instinct but also keep a cool, clear head and don’t ignore any potential problems just because you’ve fallen in love with the place.
  2. Do spend enough time at the property. If you’re in and out in 10 minutes, it’s likely you’ll have overlooked any problems or, equally, some plus points.
  3. Do visit several times. The more times you visit, the more you are likely to spot potential problems. These problems needn’t deter you from buying, but they might help you secure a lower price.
  4. Do visit at different times of day. A quiet Sunday may be a far cry from a busy weekday.
  5. Do look into the neighbourhood. Does it have the amenities you’d like, such as schools, shops, or public transport?
  6. Don’t ignore the outside. Take a good look around.
  7. Don’t forget to check taps, lights and switches to ensure they work.
  8. Don’t assume the large paddock you see out of the window comes with the property – it may well be a neighbour’s, so do check exactly what land comes with the house.
  9. If you make an offer that is accepted, have an independent survey carried out – don’t just rely on the valuation carried out by your lender as the lender only wants to make sure the property is worth what you are borrowing. We can put you in touch with a qualified surveyor who will work for you.

By following our basic checklist, you will be in a better position to make a good decision about a property that you hope to make your home.

For more any help or advice with the conveyancing process, please get in touch with the legal team here at Optimum Professional Services.

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