Five ways to help speed up your house sale

by Iain Mason

Published on 15th February 2021

The housing market has been buoyant in recent months and properties are going under offer quickly – but this could change.

Once the Stamp Duty Land Tax holiday comes to an end (it’s currently due to finish on March 31) property experts predict a slowing down in the market.

Swindon conveyancing

This could be frustrating news if you find yourself ready to sell but are struggling to attract potential buyers.

However, there are simple steps you could take to encourage viewings and, ultimately, offers to purchase.

  1. Keep the front of your house looking spick and span, and make sure there is a clearly defined boundary between you and your neighbours’ properties. First impressions really count – it’s called ‘kerb appeal’.
  2. Keep the house tidy and put away personal possessions. The more spacious you can make your house look, the better.
  3. Make sure larger features – such as sliding doors, window and fireplaces – are in good working order. Anyone viewing the property trying to open or close a jammed window may be put off.
  4. Don’t forget the little things, like broken light switches, sockets or curtain rails as these all draw the eye of the viewer.
  5. Choose an effective and proactive estate agent – seeking recommendations and referrals is a good place to start.

Interestingly, surveys of house hunters have revealed that they spend about a fifth of the time viewing a property looking at the views out of the window. So that means you could spend some time tidying the garden up too.

With the impact of Covid, and so many working from home, making your house appear roomy is a must. Make use of outside space too. For example, if you have garages, outhouses or sheds, keep them cleared and tidy, so viewers can visualise any potential to convert them into home office or work spaces.

Of course, there is a lot more to buying and selling a property once an agreement has been reached and an offer accepted. It is at this stage, that both parties need to seek professional, legal conveyancing advice. The better the legal team helping you, the smoother and quicker the sale transaction will be.

If you are buying or selling a property and need legal advice, the Swindon conveyancing team here at Optimum are happy to help. Please get in touch.

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