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National Insurance Scam

by Rob Stokes

Published on 6th July 2020

Please be aware that during this period there is an increase in scams with people being targeted with bogus help emails. One of the latest is an email offering a National Insurance rebate, but is only an attempt to gain the victims bank details.

An email replicating part of the page has been sent. All the person has to do in order to claim the cash is click on a link in the email, which takes them through to a page where they can supply their banking details for the refund to be provided.

The scammers are only too well aware that they have a potential audience of millions of people, concerned over their job prospects and whether they will be able to pay their bills in the months to come, and who may leave the usual skepticism to the side out of little more than sheer hope that this email is legitimate.

It’s only by continuing to flag up these dodgy emails, by raising awareness and educating people on what to look for that we will be able to combat them.

If you do receive a scam email, it’s important to report them to the National Cyber Security Centre, while if you think you may have fallen for a scam then it’s important to speak to your bank as soon as possible.

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