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Optimum goes live!

by Tracey Heath

Published on 26th October 2023

We’re delighted to launch our new monthly conversational series, Optimum: LIVE! which will give you an opportunity to join members of our team and special guests each month as they delve into a variety of subjects in light-hearted, fireside chat style productions.

Each episode will be live (or at worst potentially “as live”) which means that it is not scripted or edited and has a more natural and engaging tone. Plus, when live, you can type questions or provide comments/input whilst watching the live broadcast on either YouTube or Facebook, which will be put up on the screen (with your profile photo and name) and responded to by the episode’s guests to make it immersive and interactive. (Questions/comments on “as live” videos will be responded to manually within the online conversation).

In this first episode, host Chris Dawes (from Visual PR) will be joined by our Accounts Director, Michael Blaken, to launch the new series and discuss what can be expected in future episodes. But the main topic of conversation this time is about the VAT threshold conundrum.

Advice for growing businesses on when to become VAT registered with HMRC is an important subject, and now even more so, with delays in the time it takes HMRC to complete the registration process and provide VAT numbers to newly VAT registered organisations.

This is before we even explore how many new VAT numbers are not being received in the post and not being given over the phone despite multiple non-arrivals. So, we discuss the big picture of the process, the timings, the challenges for being/not being VAT registered, VAT charging without itemisation before a VAT registration number is received, and how Optimum Professional Services works with their clients to make it happen, and at the right time.


The stream can be watched live (and recorded) from any of the following locations: Facebook:

(or if not live, then


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