Optimum’s accountancy and legal teams dish up tasty service for fast-food clients

by Iain Mason

Published on 17th April 2018

Having access to both accountancy and legal services under one roof was perfect for Optimum clients Ana and Antonio Faria, who sought our help when they wanted to sell their chip shop business.

The couple were longstanding clients of our CEO, Richard Mathews, who had assisted them on previous occasions when they had bought and sold businesses, always chip shops.

This time they wanted to sell a chip shop they owned in Chesterfield and relocate to Bristol where they now have yet another chip shop.

Helping with a business sale and commercial lease

The accountancy team was able to guide the Farias through the successful sale of the business, which is continuing to trade as a chip shop under new ownership.

As the couple owned the lease but not the building, Optimum’s legal team, headed by Mary Hoffman, was able to deal with all the necessary paperwork and legalities relating to transferring the lease and liaising with the landlord.

“Richard has been my accountant for a long time and has helped with our business sales before,” said Ana. “Mary was very efficient in dealing with the legal side. It was very helpful having them all working in the same place, and I am sure made the process a lot quicker.”

If you need support with the sale of a business, or the transfer of a commercial property lease, please get in touch with the team here at Optimum Professional Services.

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