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A third of probate cases face delays, survey reveals

by Iain Mason

Published on 6th October 2020

As probate solicitors in Swindon we were interested, but not surprised, to read the results of new research into problems around probate. A survey by Direct Line Life Insurance found a third of probate cases in the last 12 months faced delays in closing the estate for a variety of reasons.

Among those reasons cited were:

probate solicitors in swindon
  • Beneficiaries couldn’t be located
  • There were difficulties in proving the relationship between a beneficiary and the person who died
  • The executor of the will had passed away

We say we weren’t surprised by the survey’s results, because as probate solicitors in Swindon we come across these scenarios quite regularly. The issue of locating beneficiaries can be a problem, perhaps because families have lost touch with one another, or have fallen out, or maybe have taken different surnames.

Of course, all this comes at a most stressful time, just when a loved one has passed away. Speedy and straightforward resolution of probate and the winding up of an estate makes for one less worry for the family. Unnecessary delays add to their burden.

This really highlights the need to ensure that an up-to-date will is in place, which will have accurate details of the names and addresses of the executors and the beneficiaries.

At Optimum, our solicitor-led wills and probate team are specialists at what we do. We can help you draw up a will that truly reflects your wishes and covers eventualities. We can update your will if changes need to be made – perhaps you have moved, or you wish to elect different beneficiaries or executors. We can also advise you on lasting powers of attorney and draw up these important documents for you.

And it is now easier than ever to make or amend a will. The Government has brought in new legislation to amend the current law to allow those witnessing the signing of a will to do so via video conferencing (such as Zoom or Teams). This recognises the difficulties some people are having during the pandemic, as they may be self-isolating.

If you are looking for probate solicitors in Swindon or the wider area please get in touch with the team at Optimum Professional Services.

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