Self-assessment 2017/2018 : the deadline looms

by Iain Mason

Published on 19th December 2017

At times it seems we only arrived in the digital age five minutes ago, so it may come as a surprise to discover that HMRC took its first steps into the online world 20 years ago, with the birth of electronic self assessment.

In 1997, the Inland Revenue (now known as HMRC) introduced an electronic option for tax returns. Agents were sent floppy disks (remember them?) to help complete their self assessment which was then returned to the department.

This year, two decades on, more than 10 million people are expected to complete their tax return online.

So it is timely to send out a reminder that the deadline to complete an online tax return (and to pay any tax owing) is January 31st – why not get it done now, so it’s out of the way?

As Angela MacDonald, HMRC director general of customer services, says: “Twenty years ago, filing self assessment returns on a mobile phone would have been unimaginable. Today, completing your self assessment via your personal tax account can be done anywhere or at any time; on the bus, in a coffee shop or while watching TV, using your phone, a tablet or a computer.”

The accountancy team here at Optimum Professional Services are happy to help with any tax queries, including self assessment. Please just get in touch.

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