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VAT can be complicated. The legislation and regulations surrounding VAT change frequently; case law from tribunals adds to this changing climate – and there are often grey areas. Get it wrong, and the penalties from HMRC for non-compliance can be steep.

How we can help

If your business is VAT registered you’ll need to be sure you are charging and paying the right amount. We can look at your business and carry out a VAT audit, to help work out what you should or shouldn’t be paying. We may find that some of your supplies or expenses are zero-rated.

If you trade with the EU, then the rules are even more complex and you will need to register with multiple states.

For many clients we take this burden away by completing their VAT Returns for them.

If you have any concerns about VAT or have been contacted by HMRC and need some help or advice, please get in touch with the expert team here at Optimum Professional Services.

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